Wheelchair users

  • disabled parking spaces are available
  • access to the museum and ticket office is via a gravel path which starts at the parking area.
  • Inside the museum, the exhibition rooms and cinema are wheelchair accessible.
  • Wheelchair access is possible (via a steep ramp) to the lobby of the cave which contains our shop and bookstore.
  • Visiting the cave is not possible because of the stairs.
  • It is possible to bring a car or van close to the museum entrance temporarily to drop off or pick up a visitor.
  • Toilets are accessible in the museum without climbing any stairs, and are adapted for handicapped people..

People who are deaf or hard of hearing

  • During the visit to the cave, we will loan you a book of the commentary in English (also available in other languages).

People with impaired vision

  • The path through the cave is accessible (there are ramps and hand rails),
  • The cave is dimly lit; the slopes and stairs are equipped with runway lighting,
  • In the museum you can touch relief reproductions of prehistoric paintings (hand stencils).

People who can walk with some difficulty

  • The guided visit lasts an hour and is done on foot.
  • The access stair to the tour has 40 steps down and back up.
  • The tour distance is around 400m, broken up by stops to view the panels and paintings.
  • The path is made-up with ramps and hand rails but the ground is uneven in places.
  • It is a flat route broken up by stairs up and down (between 3 and 20 steps).
  • It is necessary to keep up with the pace of the group but you can take your time climbing up the 40 steps at the end of the tour.
  • Mention any concerns to the guide at the start – he will help you.

Physical or mental handicap

  • You are welcome
  • If you form a complete group for a visit to the cave (25 people), the guide will adapt his commentary to your needs.